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Modern buildings often have facade constructions with facade panels made of natural stone, concrete or ceramics. The facades are designed as ventilated facades or non-ventilated facades. They serve f.e. for protection against weather, for design and the protection against mechanical stress.

Facade panels, in particular made of natural stone, may be damaged or broken by shock or impact loading, impact loads and vandalism. This is an unexpectedly big problem because many boards are damaged or destroyed this way every year. In order to restore the facade both functionally and visually, the entire façade panel must be replaced and, if necessary, the anchorages repaired or renewed.

This leads to high costs in the elimination of the shock or tread load or vandalism-related damage.

  Examples of possible damage

DANKERT - TRITTSICHER is a fastening method that overcomes the above drawbacks and in particular allows the greatest possible prevention or minimization of damage to facade panels by impact or vandalism in a variety of different facade constructions.

This method of attachment is particularly relevant to the base of the building, as this is more likely to cause vandalism. Preferred area is the ground floor area and also underground car park entrances as well as building plinth up to approx. 3.20 m height. However, the use of DANKERT - TRITTSICHER is of interest to the entire building due to the fact that the facade areas are accessible by road, without fixed rail guides, which also lead to shock loads or impact loads.

Advantageously, DANKERT - TRITTSICHER can be used in a variety of façade systems - in outdoor areas (exterior wall cladding) and indoors (interior wall cladding).


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