AGGLOTECH - Strong demands require high quality

AGGLOTECH is a homogeneous artificial stone of high quality according to EN 13748. Ingredients are natural stone granules, water and cement. They are mixed according to programmed recipes and poured into molds, highly compressed and pressed to slabs of 253/142/80 cm. The output is controlled by LGA Nürnberg.

The gridded slaps are polished – split – finely grounded or finished. They are impregnated slip-resistant and are processed to workpieces of any thicknesses and formats. Examples are facing slabs, claddings, windowsills, steps and risers, angular steps (glued), floor slabs, bases and special works.

Our range of services covers the following areas:

Agglotech artifical stone is a building material of high quality and suitable for use in construction period as well as in high wear and tear areas. The certificates prove superior technical values, they exceed the requirements of EN 13748 as well as those of DIN 18500. The surface is finely sanded and polished and factory-impregnated. Therefore the material is protected during construction phase and corresponds to the currently valid R9, with special treatment R10 too. The impregnation is diffusible, the drying of the pads is not affected. Usually a simple basic cleaning according to AGGLOTECH cleaning instructions is sufficient. As a protection for the joints as well as a long-term protection for the surfaces a follow-up impregnation in accordance with AGGLOTECH maintenance instructions is recommendable.




The Collection SB 100 currently includes 16 designs in a wide range of colours. Five additional designs for special demands are available, i.a. Bianco, Thassos and Azzurro. Special designs for construction projects from 500 square meters upwards can be manufactured. It is possible to design your individual cast stone on the screen.