Only the best for your stone

We clean, renovate, maintain and impregnate every stone and other materials in private and public spaces, inside and outside, economical and durable, ecologically compatible.


Basic Cleaning
(FINALIT Nr. 1,2)
Intensive cleaner, radical cleaner. Safety data sheets available.

Stain Removal / Special cleaning
(FINALIT Nr. 4,5,7,7+,8,9,10,11,12)
Yellow stains remover, coating cleaner, limescale remover, graffiti paint remover, rust remover, lime and cement residue remover, algae and moss remover, grease and wax remover, stain killer, etc., Safety data sheets available.

With high-quality machines, tools and specialized training of the performers.

Sanding and Polishing
With high-quality machines, tools and specialized training of the performers.

We help with stains and dirt from
grease, graffiti, efflorescence, chewing gum, candle wax, glue, paint, rust, slippery surfaces, urine stone, burns, wine, acylat, algae also in well water, berries, coatings, blood, blossoms, floor wax, soft drinks like cola, cotto wax, vinegar, felt-tip pen, fruit acid, water stains on glas, grass, verdigris, rubber marks, coffee, cardboard, copper sheet, leaves drop, marmelade, milk, moss, mortar, nail varnish, mold, oil, grease stains of silicone joints, wallpaper adhesive, carpet glue, pigeon droppings, tea, tar, ink, general contamination inside and outside, cement residue, cigarettes, and many others...


Impregnation / Antislip impregnation
(FINALIT Nr. 21.21S,20,25,22,23)
long-term protection, slip resistance, gloss protection, extremely long-term protection / paint, protection for stainless / glas (high gloss sealant) etc. ... breathable, water-repellent, uncoloured, UV resistant, road salt resistant. Safety data sheets available.

Graffiti Protection
(FINALIT Nr. 21,21S,20)
breathable, water-repellent, colorless, UV resistant, road salt resistant. Safety data sheets available.
The following materials can be processed and impregnated:
stoneware, tiles, marble, granite, slate, natural stone, sandstone, limestone, terracotta, clinker, artifical stone, terrazzo, metal, wood, glas, parquet, laminate, cotto, masonry, plaster, stainless steel, brick, etc. ...


Care Plan
optimizing consumption, on-site training of personnel in the fields application, counseling for the prevention of re-soiling, optimization of cleaning processes, etc ...

Our absolute hit! Just one cleaner! For all surfaces!
(FINALIT Nr. 39, 40)
(FINALIT Nr. 40) One cleaner for all materials in the home and in the commercial sector (All Purpose Cleaner). Contains no soap or alcohol (No streaking and film formation). Very high disinfection efficiency (very suitable in the toilet and bathroom areas). PH-neutral (no loss of gloss and no destruction of the surfaces). This cleaner is citrus fresh.